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The agency

After you found an agency, who shows interest in you as a model, make sure you don't have to start paying any money immediately.

Serious agencies NEVER charge models for joining them!!!

A lot of agencies present TRAININGS, which should also be given at NO RATE at all.

Solid agencies will charge commission on your profits as a model or sign up a personal contract. Contracts are mostly only given in special cases, and should contain several benefits for the model. In most cases it would be wise to let a lawyer have a look at a contract before you sign it.

So, NEVER pay any money for "administration costs", "meetings","training" or anything similar, especially when it's your first contact with the agency (think of "agencies" who organise "application-days" in hotelrooms...).
This is the easiest way to separate reliable and unreliable agencies!

Also, beware of CAREER PROMISES. No agency can guarantee your success as a model. Actually, always keep in mind that you will most likely not make it at all.

This is not a negative attitude, but merely the truth.

The agency should be able to answer all your questions, and be able to give a list of references.

The pictures

To give the agency an impression of your LOOK, and APPEARANCE on photographic material, it is best to visit the agency personally with a set of pictures. Don't try to find some photographer immediately (like the friend of your cousin's friend ...). Check your holliday-snapshots first for some nice totals (BODYshots), and portraits (any smiling ones perhaps?). If you are not able to visit the agency, ask them if you can send your pictures by mail. Make sure you added a cover-letter with your personal details. You can print our checklist which you can use for any application at any agency. Also make sure to write your full name on the back of every picture.

Once the agency accepted you, you will probably have to get some real PROFESSIONAL PICTURES.

The agency should be able to help you out by giving addresses / phonenumbers of qualified photographers. A shooting (often referred to as a "test") will most of the times cost some money: the photographer will charge materials, for example. A good test, with plenty of variation would cost approximately $200 and prints might come to $10 - $20 a piece (letter-format, A4, custom print). After a few "tests" you should have enough photographic material to create a portfolio (a book containing your best pictures) and composite (or "setcard" / "z-card"), which are used to mail around to photographers / magazines etc. Also, those test will provide you with some experience and they will take away your fears / shyness (if any). Even professional, routined models keep doing tests every now and then, just to stay "in shape" or to try out something new.


Photo/Video-shootDoing pictures can be really a lot of fun, but it can be very tough on an actual job! Don't think you can relax on a sunny beach in Hawai or Jamaica all the time. It's more like getting up at 3:30 (AM that is !!!) to get to the location on time, so they can cover your face with a wonderful combination of cremes, lipstick, eyeliner etc. Photographers are generally very concentrated people when they are shooting and they expect the same from you! And what about everyBODY's constantly watching you! It's hot like a sauna, the sun is bright, and still you have to look like a peach, no sweating, running around in a black leather jacket! Where's that big smile????

This might sound overdone, and maybe it is (a little), but it's something to consider. You'll meet the real model's life, which is not the same as switching on some tv-show... Yet, doing all this is an ultimate challenge, and the results of a good days work can be astonishing. Besides that, normally it pays pretty good, and you have some great pictures to show your grandchildren later on!

Runway Fashion shows are somewhat different from photo/video-shootings. It requires certain specific skills, and of course it's LIVE, on stage! Messing up a picture is oke; there are 35 other shots on that "contactsheet", but if you make mistakes on the runway everyBODY will notice! Some people say true models are found on the runway...

Again the agency should be able to give you the required training (for free).

If you're having any questions about anything (a photographer, a price, a job or anything else), or you are looking for some advice, don't hesitate to contact us.

If you think you got what it takes to be a model, you might as well write us by e-mail.

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